Hints and Tips

This section contains some helpful hints concerning outreach activities.

I'd like to take some visitors to the showroom, what do I do?

  • The showroom is inside building 2008. You can gain access to this zone (CTF_CR) on your CERN card through EDH
  • The key to the showroom is usually kept in Kate Ross' office
  • You might like to check the state of the showroom before your visit. Posters can fall down, papers left etc
  • There are light switches inside the door, and spotlight switches behind the screen
  • Once you turn the screen on, the presentation should load automatically. Control with the handheld mouse
  • Lock up after you leave and return the key


Do we have any material I can give to visitors?

  • There is a CLIC flyer which is available at the CERN reception, from Lucie Linssen's office, and on CDS (should be printed A3)
  • There are also a limited number of CLIC buttons available, also from Lucie's office