Conceptual Design Report

Conceptual Design Report



The CLIC Conceptual Design Report (CDR), published in 2012, comprises three volumes:

  • "A multi-TeV Linear Collider based on CLIC Technology" (link)
  • "Physics and Detectors at CLIC" (see below) (link)
  • "The CLIC programme: towards a staged e+e- collider exploring the terascale" (link)


The first two reports provide detailed accounts of the conceptual design and the feasibility of the CLIC multi-TeV linear collider and its physics potential, with a focus on the most difficult option, i.e. 3 TeV centre-of-mass energy.

The third volume summarizes the first two, and gives information on a staged construction and operation of CLIC. This volume also discusses issues related to the schedule and cost of CLIC.

The CDR "Physics and Detectors at CLIC"

This volume of the CDR has been reviewed by an International Committee in 2011 and has been published in 2012. Details of the reviewing process are given below (link).

Editors of CDR "Physics and Detectors at CLIC"

Main editors: Akiya Miyamoto, Marcel Stanitzki, Harry Weerts, Lucie Linssen

Chapter editors:

Chapter 1: CLIC physics potential

Gian Giudice, James Wells

Chapter 2: CLIC experimental conditions and detector requirements

Mark Thomson

Chapter 3: CLIC detector concepts

Jim Brau, Dieter Schlatter, 
Frank Simon, Graham Wilson

Chapter 4: Vertex detectors

Bill Cooper, Dominik Dannheim, Steve Worm

Chapter 5: CLIC tracking systems

Marcel Demarteau, Carlos Lacasta, Takeshi Matsuda, Tim Nelson, Jan Timmermans

Chapter 6: Calorimetry

Felix Sefkow, Tohru Takeshita, Andy White

Chapter 7: Detector magnet system

Andrea Gaddi, Yasuhiro Makida

Chapter 8: Muon system at CLIC

Burkhard Schmidt

Chapter 9: Very forward calorimeters

Halina Abramowicz, Wolfgang Lohmann

Chapter 10: Readout electronics and 
data acquisition

Alex Kluge

Chapter 11: CLIC interaction region and detector integration

Hubert Gerwig, Marco Oriunno

Chapter 12: Physics performance

Jean-Jacques Blaising, Jan Strube, 
Frederic Teubert

Chapter 13: Future plans 
and R&D prospects

Main editors

Annex C : Cost methodology for a CLIC detector

Marty Breidenbach, Catherine Clerc, 
Markus Nordberg


Review of CDR "Physics and Detectors at CLIC"

The CDR "Physics and Detectors at CLIC" was reviewed by an international comittee. The comments from the reviewers have been taken into account in the current version of the CDR.

Members of the Review Committee: pdf
Message from the chair of the Review Committee: pdf
The talks given at the Review Committee Meeting of 18-20 October 2011 in Manchester can be found here: link